Adventure you build

An entirely new design

We've spent almost two years designing, testing, and refining the Walden Cabin to be the perfect outdoor adventure platform. We've done the hard work and taken countless trips to the hardware store so you can build it right the first time. Our innovative, patent-pending design is like having a truck camper, cap, rack, and utility body all in one! 

easy to build.jpg

Easy to build in a weekend with 2x4's, plywood, and basic tools. Secure in your truck bed with no modifications needed. 

share and remix.jpg

From basecamp to fishing hut to garden on wheels, your cabin can be whatever you imagine. Get inspired and share your design online.

scales to fit your truck.jpg

Given a few measurements and variables, we can generate a building guide to fit most all trucks.  

view and store.jpg

Securely store gear like skis, poles, and paddles inside the wheel well area, while keeping them outside of the living space.  

modular design.jpg

A modular design makes it easy to customize your cabin for your hobbies and favorite outdoor activities. 

pleasure to drive.jpg

Thanks to a low clearance, center of gravity, and form that hugs your truck the Walden Cabin is a pleasure to drive. We've put over 4000 miles on the Walden Cabin with no problems! 


More than just a camper

The modular design of the Walden Cabin allows you to easily customize your cabin for your hobbies. This means you can setup your cabin any way you like. From garden on wheels to mobile science lab to disaster relief vehicle, the possibilities are endless!