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Walden Cabin

Enjoy nature for the weekend

The Walden Cabin is inspired by Walden Pond, just outside of Boston with the idea of escaping the city and enjoying nature. The Walden Cabin perfectly carries two kayaks, provides a base to change and relax, and you even camp overnight. Stash wet gear, paddles, and more into your Walden Cabin and spend your time enjoying the weekend! 

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Starts at $5,000, based on options.

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Built & customized by you 

The Walden Cabin is like having a truck camper, cap, rack, and utility body all in one! We’ve spent the last year perfecting our innovative patent-pending design to fit your small to full-size truck so you can get outdoors and start enjoying nature. 

assemble in truck bed.JPG

Easy to assemble

The Walden Cabin comes flat-packed and can be easily assembled right in your truck bed. Need to remove it? Easy, just disassemble & store.  

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Seamless installation

The Walden Cabin's patent-pending structural frame can be installed without truck modifications (which are costly and irreversible). The frame transfers the load to the truck bed, rather then the truck's side-rails like other rack systems. This means the load is better supported and there's less chance of scratching your paint. Just lay down a non-slip mat, then use 4 ratchet straps to secure the Walden Cabin just like an ATV or other payload. 

fold down everything.JPG

Easy to customize

Most of the panels on the Walden Cabin can be removed or hinged - providing easier access and better views. This includes the roof, rear awning, side awnings, tailgate, and utility doors. The Walden Cabin's modular design allows you to swap different panels to add and remove functionality. Add panels and modules fit for your hobbies and activities. 


Designed for you & your gear

Whether it's loading your kayaks, stashing your skis, or just hauling lumber around town - you'll find it's much easier with the Walden Cabin. When you're done loading your gear, take some time to  kick back and relax on the reconfigurable sleeping and storage platform!

easy lift TM watercraft racks.gif

EZ-lift™ watercraft racks

Loading and unloading kayaks is a breeze for even one person thanks to the Walden Cabin's innovative and patent-pending side rack system.

flooring lets water through.JPG

Easy care floor

Dirt and water pass through extra wide gaps on the floor panels. This means less cleaning and more adventures! 


Haul more with your truck

Easily load plywood, lumber, & storage boxes into the Walden Cabin. Secure using tie-downs points or simply close the rear awning.


Bring your own systems

The Walden Cabin does not include any integrated systems such as water or power (like an RV or campervan). This is because integrated systems tend to break and become outdated. Instead, you have the freedom to reuse your existing gear. This allows you to easily upgrade, or even use your gear in other places such as inside your house or car.

IMG_4619 (1).JPG

Inside-out™ wheel-well storage 

Our patent-pending design provides plenty of storage around the wheel wells which can be accessed from both inside and outside of the Cabin. Perfect for stashing wet gear and for longer items like skis, poles and paddles.


Lay back & relax

Reconfigurable sleeping panels provide space for two adults to sleep comfortably. Lay down a sleeping pad and use sleeping bags for extra comfort.


Endless upgrades

The Walden Cabin is designed to easily customize and upgrade as your hobbies and adventures grow. We are currently building a community where you can find inspiration and share your upgrades with other builders. We've already upgraded our Walden Cabin with some awesome features, but the possibilities are endless! 


Keyless tailgate

We've replaced our truck tailgate with a wooden version and added a keyless deadbolt like those found on house doors. This makes accessing our Cabin easy and means we can leave the keys behind when we hit the trails!


Roof-rack ready 

We needed some extra space for our recent road trip and also wanted a secure place to mount our solar panels. So, we installed a roof rack to do just that.  


Cats-attic™ window

Extending over the truck cab, the Cats-Attic™ provides additional storage and a comfy nook for your pet. We wanted to add a view, so we installed a dome window for our cat Cash to enjoy. 


Rear awning with lift supports

The rear awning is easy to open and close thanks to the same technology used for car trunks and hatches. When open, the awning nicely blocks rain and provides a great view.


A pleasure to drive

After hauling a truck camper for a year, and pulling the occasional trailer, we learned a lot about what would make the Walden Cabin a pleasure to drive. 


Fuel effecient design

Angled sides and a wind deflecting Cats-Attic™ over the cab make the Walden Cabin great on gas. On average, we've seen just a slight decrease of about 4 MPG in fuel efficiency. Your results may vary.

easy to drive.JPG

Park anywhere

The Walden Cabin hugs tightly to your truck so your side-view mirrors are not blocked, meaning your truck's footprint does not change.


Better center of gravity

The Walden Cabin's angled sides keep the center of gravity closer to over your truck bed. Even with kayaks mounted, the Cabin does not extend much past your side view mirrors. 

What are you waiting for?


Starts at $5,000, based on options.

Free for a limited time while in beta.